2022 numbers are here

Long story short: the next time you race, you’ll have to get your new number assignment.

We started with the season with something of an inconvenience, because there was a delay in getting race numbers in time for the first event. As a stop gap, we have been issuing all riders numbers from the excess supply of our past seasons.

This is not ideal, because with multiple categories of participants racing at one time, numbers are a useful way of sorting out who is racing which race; with randomly assigned digits, it’s just more confusing.

Never fear, new numerals are here

With the arrival of the 2022 numbers, EVERYONE will have to check in for re-assignment of a new number. It’s an inconvenience, but it’s minor, and should help make our scoring more accurate.

So the next time you race (hopefully we’ll see you this weekend), make sure you stop by registration and grab the new fab(ric).

CX is in the air!

Leaves are falling, practices are happening near and far and the aroma of fresh Mastik fills our noses (if you can get your hands on it)! As we prepare for the kick-off to the season this Sunday at Lion Cross 2022 Cyclocross Race, we want to provide a couple of notes/reminders (many of which are already on our website/in our racer guidelines):

Race day schedule

We have made a few tweaks to the race day schedule, namely creating a juniors-only race, moving the 1/2/3 Single Speed to the end of the day along with Masters 50+ 1/2/3 and including Single Speed 4/5 with the 3/4 men.

Please check the schedule on our website to make sure you arrive at the right time for your race!

Race numbers

We were late to press for the fabric race numbers you’ve grown to love. Don’t fear…they are currently at the printer and should be available soon. In the meantime, you will be issued a temporary race number this Sunday at LAPT Lion Cross.

If you plan to participate in more races this season (you should), please hang onto those numbers until we are able to issue the fabric ones. Once you receive your fabric number, you will use that for the entire season, so hang onto that one, too!

Neutral support

This year’s neutral support in the pit will be provided by a combination of Trek Bicycle stores and Wheel & Sprocket locations (along with Total Cyclery Bicycle Repair at the first race). You can go to them with any of your race-day needs – tire inflation, brake & cable adjustments, pedal swaps, wheel changes, bike checks, etc.

Because of the high demand of bikes again this year, we will not be able to provide neutral bikes in the pit. Please be prepared to have your own or borrow one from a friend.

Race day announcing

Many of our Saturday races will bring back Paul Warloski on the mic to provide exciting play-by-play throughout the day.

Paul has been riding and racing bicycles for decades, throughout the Midwest and East, with a few podiums and successes. He’s a cycling and running coach, a personal trainer, and yoga instructor, and creates programs that combine endurance, strength, and yoga for his athletes though Simple Endurance Coaching.

As a retired middle school English teacher and a former reporter, his goal of announcing races is to tell the story of each race and as many racers as possible. If you have a story or fact you’d like to share during an event, find him at the races!

And when Paul is racing, make sure you give him some extra cheers!


First 5 call-ups for each race will be based on your standing in WICX series points. Priority will be for pre-registered top-10 in the series (calculated by crossresults.com), next will be all other pre-registered riders based on crossresults.com points and last will be race-day registrants ranked by crossresults.com points.

If you don’t know what any of this means, you really don’t need to worry about it! Just come on out and have some fun!

Series champ jersey

All categories will compete for the coveted WICX series- champion jersey. With 14 races in the series this year, we will count your best 10 of 13 races (excluding State Champs).

We will announce the series winners at the State Championship race. Categories 1, 2, and 3 will also compete for cash prizes as laid out in the racer guidelines.

USAC licenses

If you don’t have an annual USA Cycling license, you will have to purchase a One Day Racing License online, either through BikeReg or USAC. This includes race-day purchases. There will be NO day-of paper license forms. Annual Licenses should be purchased or renewed online before race day.

An “experienced one-day” license is available to riders with a category other than 5, and is also purchased online, however, it is only through USAC.

A $50 USAC Annual membership includes a cat 5 racing license (you will have to upgrade to the $100 membership in order to upgrade your category). Additionally, memberships are now good for 12 months from the date of purchase. Memberships allow riders access to results and rankings programs.

The experienced and novice licenses have been merged into one license. You can learn more about race licenses from USA Cycling.


For all weekend races, pre-reg closes at MIDNIGHT every WEDNESDAY!

Second/third race discount

If you want to add a second race to your day (either online or in-person), it’ll only cost you $10. (If you register online for your second race, note that you won’t see the discounted price until you get to the checkout screen.)

If your second race happens to be a category 1/2/3 race, it’ll be an extra $15.

Your third race is free. To get this discount, you should register for this one on the day.

New races every week

Stay tuned to our page each week for a preview of what’s to come for the upcoming weekend races! Let’s have some fun this season! Visit our website for more information or to contact us with any questions!

For more answers, please review the racer guidelines.

The 2022 daily schedule and entry fees

The Wisconsin Cyclocross Series schedule has been updated for the 2022 season.

View the daily schedule now

The Wisconsin Cyclocross Series board went through numerous iterations trying to balance the schedule against multiple factors including:

  • Timing: We want to avoid starting too early to account for travel times of distant participants, and avoid ending too late to account for the waning autumn sun.
  • Speed and skill differentials: We want to avoid combining slower riders with faster or more skilled riders
  • Promote women’s participation: Noting the above, we wanted to provide a safe and open course for novice women to take on standard course challenges without the added challenge of riding with youth. Similarly, we also want to:
  • Promote youth participation: By providing them a chance to race together and on their own course, without worrying about challenges related to racing with adults
  • Accommodating double-ups: We wanted to group similar race levels for those who want to race multiple times.
  • Provide a better competitor and spectator experience for our top racers: We hope to get participants of all ages and skill levels on either side of the 1/2/3 races to come out and cheer them on.

Through our multiple iterations, we toyed around with lengthening the race day, shortening and lengthening some race categories, combining various fields, spreading out categories across the day and removing the mid-day course inspections. Some of it stuck, some of it didn’t, and we finally arrived at what you see below.

We know we can’t satisfy everyone, but we hope that most of our friends and fans will appreciate the new schedule as we takes steps towards opening opportunities for more people to give cyclocross a try. As the season progresses, feel free to send us feedback of how we can continue to provide the best experience.

View the daily schedule

Entry fee pricing

It seems like the price of everything is going up right now, including the costs for promoters to put on the races you love. It would make a lot of sense to increase the cost of entry as well.

But we have good news!

Through the 2022 season, we are keeping the pre-reg entry fee at $25 (plus the usual race license costs and service fees). Elite 1/2/3 races will continue at $30. Make sure to take advantage of it while it lasts!

Announcing the 2022 Wisconsin Cyclocross Schedule

The Wisconsin Cyclocross Committee is pleased to announce the 2022 Wisconsin Cyclocross (WI CX) Series.* After an excellent season of record-high unique participation, each of the 13 races from last year have elected to return along with 2 additions.

As always, though, while familiar races return, participants can expect continued course tweaks, new, experimental features and re-imagined lines in every upcoming race day. With every edition, we work with promoters to continue towards more accessible racing, exciting course design at every level, and heightened competition where it counts, all before the waning sun sets.

After a 3-year hiatus from the Wisconsin series schedule, racing returns to Sheboygan Falls for a Labor Day weekend kick-off [EDIT: the schedule has since changed]. Then, on the opposite end of the schedule, CamRock Cross closes out the points competition just before the State Championships finale.

We are also happy to be a part of the Hampshire Cycle Club’s anniversary, celebrating 25 years of throwing races in Wisconsin.

Day Date Race Location
Sat Sep 10 Milwaukee Bicycle Co. CX Classic – CANCELLED Milwaukee
Sun Sep 11 LAPT Lion Cross Waterford Town Park, Waterford
Sat Sep 17 Flyover Silver Creek Silver Creek, Manitowoc
Sun Sep 18 OnMilwaukee’s Hill Bill Rock Sports Complex, Franklin
Sat Sep 24 Englewood/BD CX Englewood Grass Farms, Fall River
Sun Sep 25 Battle of Waterloo Fireman’s Park, Waterloo
Sat Oct 1 Badger Prairie Cross Badger Prairie, Verona
Sun Oct 2 Diablo Woodland Sunnyview Cross Sunnyview Exposition Center, Oshkosh
Fri – Sun Oct 7-9 Trek CX Cup Trek Factory, Waterloo
Sat Oct 15 Field of Riches Richfield Nature Park, Richfield
Sat Oct 16 Sheboygan County Cycling Classic Evergreen Park, Sheboygan
Sat Oct 22 Pumpkin Cross Lime Kiln Park, Grafton
Sat Oct 29 CrossFire Angell Park Speedway, Sun Prairie
Sat Nov 5 HCC 25th CX Anniversary Race Wern Valley, Waukesha
Sat Nov 12 Camrock & Roll CX CamRock County Park, Cambridge Wisconsin
Sat Nov 19 State Championships p/b Revolution Cycles Trek Factory, Waterloo
TBA TBA Regional Championships TBA
TBA TBA National Championships TBA
TBA TBA World Championship Hoogerheide, Netherlands

Join a race

The Wisconsin Cyclocross Series provides avenues for all levels of racing and encourages participants of any age or skill-level to take on the challenge. Novice races (Cat 5), women-specific, trans-inclusive races, and youth races. All participants are welcome to race as many or as few events as they please, and can join for fun, competition, or the post-ride snacks afterwards.

See you in September! #crossiscoming

*The schedule, while mostly finalized, may be subject to change by the time the season starts and all the juicy details of each race will be added to the official schedule as it arrives. You can sign up for each race there as well.

Host a race

The application period to host a cyclocross race for the 2022 season is now open.

This event application is the formal process to request inclusion in the 2022 Wisconsin CX Series Cyclocross Season. All races will be held to a high standard of quality racing, production, safety and atmosphere. Great courses bring great competition!

Note: Submitting this form does not guarantee you will be awarded an event in the series.

To apply for consideration, please visit the link below and submit before Saturday, March 26.

Apply to host a race

2021 Series Champ jersey status

Update – May 24, 2022

All jerseys will be mailed out of the Madison area by Wednesday, May 25. All Madison-area jerseys will be delivered by bike on Thursday, May 26.

Update – May 03, 2022

All winner addresses should have been collected and jerseys will be sent out shortly.

Update – March 21, 2022

The jersey design has been finalized and sent to print. Turn-around is roughly 45 days. We will be in contact with the winners to coordinate pick-up or delivery once the cloth is in our possession.

Update – March 12, 2022

The jersey design is nearly finalized and all winners have been contacted regarding preferred size. If you believe an error has been made, let us know.

Originally posted – January 1, 2022

We are currently in the process of designing the State Champ jerseys. Once the design is finalized we will contact all winners to discuss sizing and get shipping addresses. Thanks for your patience.

2021 series results


Women 1/2

  1. Erin Feldhausen
  2. Heidi Curtes
  3. Caitlin Neuman

Masters Women 1/2/3/4/5

  1. Erin Feldhausen
  2. Julie Phelps
  3. Sarah Kelnhofer

Women Cat 3

  1. Lyllie Sonnemann
  2. Sarah Kelnhofer
  3. Kayla Clemons

Women Cat 4

  1. Morgan Golabowski
  2. Emily Raychel
  3. Megan Agnew

Women Single speed 1/2/3

  1. Heidi Curtes
  2. Corrie Osborne
  3. Julie Phelps

Women Single speed 4/5

  1. Emily Raychel
  2. Mary Geralts
  3. Kristin Zarr


Men 1/2/3

  1. Matthew Riley
  2. Calhan Norman
  3. Michael Lambert

Masters Men 35+ 1/2/3

  1. Chad Hartley
  2. Ben Schreiber
  3. Jason Blaedorn

Masters Men 50+ 1/2/3

  1. Arlen Spicer
  2. John Lirette
  3. Lance Johnson

Masters Men 60+ 1/2/3

  1. Michael Jones
  2. Tim Hacker
  3. David McClenahan

Men Cat 4

  1. Elias Macias
  2. Alexander Hinman
  3. Nate Perronne

Men Cat 3

  1. Brian Bierman
  2. Matthew Kosloske
  3. Owen Reich

Masters Men 35+ 4/5

  1. Matthew Becker
  2. Elias Macias
  3. Kayne Neigherbauer

Masters Men 50+ 4/5

  1. Kevin Eichelberger
  2. Kurt Greenslit
  3. Paul Liesse

Masters Men 60+ 4/5

  1. Daniel Valenza
  2. Robert Dunk
  3. Peter Achermann

Men Singlespeed 1/2/3

  1. Ethan Ley
  2. Josh Fangman
  3. Cole House

Men Single speed 4/5

  1. Kayne Neigherbauer
  2. Kevin Eichelberger
  3. Mark Rickert


Junior Boys 9-14

  1. Finley Sonnemann
  2. Marlo Hunter
  3. Henry Flentye

Junior Boys 15-18

  1. Quinn Schroeder
  2. Aiden Rangel
  3. Jack Lackman

Junior Girls 9-14

  1. Eva Raychel
  2. Abigail Wood
  3. Issa Cohen

Junior Girls 15-18

  1. Lyllie Sonnemann
  2. Antonia Gengler
  3. Jennifer Raychel

2021 Daily Schedule

Category Gender Age Start Duration Podium
Masters 4/5 Novice adults welcome. Open 35+ 9:00 am 30 min 10:00 am
Masters 4/5 Novice adults welcome. Open 50+ 9:01 am 30 min 10:00 am
Junior All skill levels. Open 15-18 9:02 am 30 min 10:00 am
Masters 1/2/3/4/5 Novice adults welcome. Women 35+ 9:45 am 30 min 10:45 am
Cat 4/5 Novice adults welcome. Women All ages 9:46 am 30 min 10:45 am
Junior All skill levels. Girls 15-18 9:47 am 30 min 10:45 am
Junior All skill levels. Open 9-14 9:47 am 30 min 10:45 am
Junior All skill levels. Girls 9-14 9:47 am 30 min 10:45 am
Cat 4/5 Novice adults welcome. Open All ages 10:30 am 30 min 11:30 am
COURSE INSPECTION 11:00 am 30 min
Cat 1/2 Women All ages 11:30 am 45 min 12:45 pm
Cat 3/4 Women All ages 11:31 am 45 min 12:45 pm
Cat 3/4 Open All ages 12:30 pm 45 min 1:45 pm
Single Speed 1/2/3 Riders must use one gear only. Open Men and women scored separately. All ages 1:30 pm 45 min 2:45 pm
Masters 1/2/3 Open 50+ 1:31 pm 45 min 2:45 pm
Single Speed 4/5 Novice adults welcome. Riders must use one gear only. Open Men and women scored separately. All ages 1:32 pm 45 min 2:45 pm
Cat 1/2/3 Open All ages 2:30 pm 55 min 3:45 pm
Cat 1/2/3 Open 35+ 2:31 pm 55 min 3:45 pm
Bonus race Open All ages 3:45 pm 30-60 min After
Riders must be at least 9 years old to compete. All genders are welcome in any Open race and are scored together (unless otherwise specified). Women categories are FTW friendly. End-of-day bonus race dependant on organizers; see above for details.