Races are scored both individually, across the entire series, and across all races permitted through USA Cycling and its partners. So you can compete against your friends or the entire world. The amount of points you receive for crossing the finish line depends on your category, podium position, the number of participants in a race, and the competitive level of the participants.

How important is scoring?

Null: If you are planning on racing for personal reasons, such as for fun, fitness, or personal challenge, you don’t need to worry about points.

Low: If you are planning on racing fewer than 5 races this season, you also probably don’t need to worry about series points.

Medium: If you plan on participating in many events, and want to get on the podium and win prizes, you may want to worry about points. The lower your placement is, the higher your score will go. With a higher score, you get a better call-up (starting position) for the next race.

High: If you want to earn swag and a series jersey at the end of the season that proves you are a top racer in your category, or race at Nationals to have a shot at proving you are the top racer in the country, you will want to think about points.

How call-ups work

Call-ups help organize riders at the start line by performance. Like Category separations, this ensures a more even level of competition within the race. The better your standing, the better your call-up will be.

If this is your first race, you don’t need to worry about call-ups. Just show up to your race about 10 minutes early and slot into the start gate when your name is called.

Call-up priority

  • First 10 call-ups are based on 2021 series standings. Riders must be pre-registered.
  • Next call-ups are based on CrossResults overall points for pre-registered riders.
  • The last round of call-ups are based on CrossResults overall points for day-of registrants.

Call-ups for the opening day of racing will be based off of CrossResults overall points.

How are Wisconsin cyclocross races scored?

Overall leaders are scored for junior boys and girls fields, and Cats 1, 2 and 3 in both men’s and women’s fields. Cat 4 and 5 field overalls are not tracked.

The series’ overall leaders will be determined by NINE [9] of the total number of races, excluding the State Championships race. 

To be eligible for the overall competition, riders must participate in a MINIMUM of FIVE [5] series races.

Trek Bicycle presents Wisconsin CX Series Overall Standings will be linked from USA Cycling. All standings will be linked from

USAC upgrade points are awarded in all qualifying races (where field sizes are large enough, etc.)

Series winners will be awarded a champion’s jersey and overall prize money. Your details will be distributed at the close of series scoring and be ordered within a specified window.

The following scoring schedule will be used for all races:

Place – Points

  • 1st 20
  • 2nd17
  • 3rd – 15
  • 4th – 13
  • 5th – 11
  • 6th – 10
  • 7th – 9
  • 8th – 8
  • 9th – 7
  • 10th – 6
  • 11th – 5
  • 12th – 4
  • 13th – 3
  • 14th – 2
  • 15th – 1

Race results

Day-of race results are posted near registration as they are calculated, and ultimately submitted to USA Cycling at the end of the day. Once submitted they can be tracked via

More information regarding scoring can be found in the 2021 Wisconsin Cyclocross Racers’ Guidelines (PDF).