Cyclocross is a very beginner-friendly sport, thanks to the 3 S’s:

  • Slower speeds – While still being a high-intensity sport, racing on grass and dirt is slower than racing on pavement
  • Softer landings – Falling can be annoying, but rarely is it debilitating, because grass and dirt is softer than pavement. Falling is common in cross, but it happens less often in beginner fields because they are less likely to push the limits of what a tire can bear.
  • Spread out field – Unlike crit racing or road racing, after the mass start, CX fields spread out very quickly, so you are rarely riding close together. This drastically reduces the amount of proximity crashes.

How do I prepare?

Roll on over to our pre-race prep page. This page should help you get ready for your race the night before, get you through registration, and into the starting gate.

Do I need to be fast?

No. You will start in lower-level competitions and, if you work hard enough, you can advance up to higher levels. But some people are happy to stay where they are and enjoy the personal challenge.

You may get lapped by faster riders, and that’s okay. Everyone on the course is entitled to their own race, but if faster riders do call out that they’re passing you, please let them pass.

Do I need to commit to the whole Wisconsin Cyclocross Series?

You may participate in as few or as many competitions as you want.


Do I need a cyclocross bike?

No, you can ride nearly any bike in the Wisconsin Cyclocross Series.

Can I ride a mountain bike, fat bike, hybrid bike, road bike, gravel bike, adventure bike, single speed bike, etc.?


Can I ride a fixed gear, electric bike, or unicycle?

No. Bikes must be exclusively human powered, and have a functioning front and rear hand brake, and a freewheel/freehub. Occasionally these are explicitly allowed in certain novelty races.

Is there a tire size limitation?

No. While most cyclocross-specific tires adhere to the 33mm limitation set forth by the UCI, the Wisconsin Cyclocross Series does not require a specific sized tire and encourages you to find the right tire size for you.


Do I need special clothes?

No, nearly any sport or civilian clothes will do. Tops with sleeves are required (no tank tops, muscle shirts, racer-backs, camisoles or otherwise).

Age Groups

What is the minimum age for participation?

Participants must be 9 years of age are older, according to their cyclocross race age.

What is my cyclocross race age?

Cyclocross race age is a little confusing. It’s the age you will on December 31st of the year that the season ends. Because the season starts in September and ends the following year in February, your age will usually be +1 or 2 years.

Example: You are 33 years old. Your race season starts in September 2022 (you are still 33), but you have a birthday in October 2022 (making you 34). World Champs will be in February 2023 (you are still 34). You will have another birthday in October 2023 (making you 35). Thus your age real on December 31, 2023 and your race age for the entire 2022 season will be 35.

Are there races for kids 8 or younger?

Not officially. Occasionally individual race organizers will build cyclo-tot courses. These are usually advertised per race if they are available.


Which race do I enter?

Races are divided by skill, age, gender and occasionally bike style.

  • Skill – Beginners may join any Cat 5 races. After a certain amount of podium placings, Cat 5 racers can upgrade to higher levels.
  • Age – All ages races are open to all ages. Age-restricted races are open to that age and above (EX: 35+ races are open to riders who are 35 years of age or older). If a 35+ year old wants to race an all-ages race, they are welcome to. Which is the better option is up to you, but generally speaking, all-ages races are more competitive than age-restricted races.
  • Gender – Open races (often referred to as Men’s races) are open to all genders. Women’s races are trans/femme-friendly and are open to anyone who does not identify as a man.
  • Bike style – Nearly any bike is welcome in any cross race, including single speed bikes. However, single speed races are restricted to single speed bikes only.

Do I need to be fast?

No, all skill levels are welcome. Everyone will start in lower and slower groups, but you may advance to more competitive levels if desired. You can race for fun, personal goals, or results.

Will there be a kiddie cross, tracklocross, fixed gear, unicycle, fat bike, or cross country competition, etc. at any race?

Unofficial novelty races are usually held at the end of the day, and are up to the discretion of each individual race organizer. We will note this information when we can on each race info page.


It’s raining! Is practice still on?

The Wisconsin Cyclocross Series does not run regular practices, but often individual race organizers will. Please reach out to them to find out more. However, the general rule of thumb with cross is rain or shine.


Do I need to be on a team?

No, team participation is not required; any individuals are welcome.


Do I need to pre-register?

No, but it helps our officials if you do. The cost to participate increases on the day as well.

Do I need a race license?

Yes. 1-day licenses can be purchased when you register for your event. If you plan on racing 10 or more events held under a USA Cycling permit (including road, crit, mountain, track, gravel, etc.) you may want to consider a yearly license.