Wisconsin CX Series, presented by Trek

Home to the Wisconsin Cycling Association’s Cyclocross series (WICX), a rambunctious race series for all ages and skill levels. Everyone is welcome to participate in as many or as few race days as you like, whether you’re racing for points, for personal challenges, or for fun.


Recent updates

  • 2022 WICX Series winners
    Our allegiant announcer, Paul Warloski of Simple Endurance Coaching has broken down the overall winners of the 2022 WICX Series
  • Is it your Best 9 or Best 10?
    It depends on who you ask and where they got their information.
  • You will need a different number for Trek CX Cup
    Though there is a lot that is similar between the WICX Series and Trek CX Cup (the sport, the sponsor, the state) they are actually two separate series,' and as a result, you will need to race with a different number that is specific to the Trek CX Cup.

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