Test event technical information

Schedule variation:
There are no variations on the standard schedule.

Driving directions:
To get to Wisconsin, head towards the area between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

Check in:
Show up about an hour before your race so you can check in at registration, get your race number, and find the start line. If you did not pre-register, you are still welcome to race. Please bring cash ($35 for registration + $10 for a requisite one-day race license).

Race number – XXX Side
The side you pin your number on changes with each race location. Pin your race number on the XXX hand side of your jersey, and make sure the number is not blocked by long hair, clothing, etc. so race officials can properly count your laps.

Bike requirements:
We have a run-what-you-brung policy, which means you can participate on any bike. Excessive decorations or accessories that stick out beyond the bounds of your bike (e.g. irregular computer mounts, mirrors, flags, bar-ends, etc.) must be removed.

You may wish to pre-ride the course before your race so you can be aware of any twists, turns and other surprises on the course. Pre-riding is allowed between races only AFTER the winner of the current race has crossed the finish line. Always enter the course AFTER the finish line and DO NOT obstruct current participants of the current race.

Start line:
Show up to the start line 10 minutes before your start time. If you pre-registered, race officials will call your name. If you registered day of, you can fill in the back slots once all pre-registered names are called.

More questions:
If you have questions, comments or issues, please bring them to any official or event organizer, who will be happy to help you get them resolved.

Course information

Course map coming soon.