2022 numbers are here

Long story short: the next time you race, you’ll have to get your new number assignment.

We started with the season with something of an inconvenience, because there was a delay in getting race numbers in time for the first event. As a stop gap, we have been issuing all riders numbers from the excess supply of our past seasons.

This is not ideal, because with multiple categories of participants racing at one time, numbers are a useful way of sorting out who is racing which race; with randomly assigned digits, it’s just more confusing.

Never fear, new numerals are here

With the arrival of the 2022 numbers, EVERYONE will have to check in for re-assignment of a new number. It’s an inconvenience, but it’s minor, and should help make our scoring more accurate.

So the next time you race (hopefully we’ll see you this weekend), make sure you stop by registration and grab the new fab(ric).