Is it your Best 9 or Best 10?

Before we get to the final results, it seems a small mistake at the beginning of the season has been perpetuating an error in expectations. Some people were competing with the idea that their 9 best races counted towards the series, while others were competing for 10. This error wasn’t caught until recently, because, until the late series, it didn’t matter.

How did the error come to be?

When the series board put together the official rules we decided to count your best 10 of 14 races, (ultimately 13 with a cancellation, and not counting Trek CX Cup (non-series) or Wisconsin State Champs).

Thus, it was written into the official rules.

However, last year we only had 12 series races (13 with State Champs) so we only counted your best 9. This leads us to the problem; we neglected to update the scoring page on our website, and this error was then duplicated to the fan-favorite number-cruncher, CrossResults, who wrangled the incorrect data.

The error only became noticeable once CrossResults began dropping the 10th race. Once it was brought to our attention, we immediately scrambled to get the updated numbers out on both our scoring page and CrossResults, but by then the damage had been done. Some folks were planning their series based on the most readily available information, while others were fighting for position based on the official rules.

So what do we win?

We debated which number to adhere to—whether officially designated or publicly propagated—and ultimately decided, because the error was on our part, we would honor the two sets of results (at least as far as the Top 3 in each category are concerned).

Thankfully the differences were minimal, with only 3 categories flipping between the Top 2. Beyond that, if there was a change, it was mostly handfuls of points here and there, not in overall positioning.

  • In categories that did not flip, awards will commence as usual.
  • In categories that did flip, both winners will receive a Series Champ jersey and split the first and second-place awards.
  • For those who are upset about this, we have a new volunteer copy-editing position available.

For the rest of us, its full lungs, fast friends and healthy hearts. So with that all tidied up, series standings will be announced soon.

See you at State Champs!