Announcing the 2024 WICX Series schedule

PHOTO: Michael Van Dyke

The Wisconsin cyclocross scene burns bright this year with lots of action within—and around—the WICX Series. Thankfully we have an extra week before Thanksgiving this year, because there was a lot to cram in, with a total of 21 opportunities to race cross in the state.

Let’s break it down

The 2024 WICX Series offers 14 races to compete for series points. This includes 3 new race venues in St. Francis, Muskego and Kenosha.

Added to that, we’ve got 2 championship races: Midwest Regional Champs, coming in October, and regular mainstay Wisconsin State Champs at the end of the season.

Peppered throughout the schedule are also 4 non-series UCI-caliber races. This includes an upgrade to the Englewood CX race, which is now a 2-day, C2-classified race and is the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Series opener. Then a month later we are treated to the Trek CX Cup weekend, which has closes out the USCX pro cyclocross points series.

And finally, you won’t want to miss the crazy stylings and feats of strength of the SSCXWC (Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship), which are being brought to Wisconsin this year.

Fire up the bike washing machines, cuz it’s gonna be a heck of a season.

2024 WICX Series race calendar

SatSept 7Englewood CX (UCI C2) – Day 1* NEW!Englewood Grass Farms, Fall River
SunSept 8Englewood CX (UCI C2) – Day 2* NEW!Englewood Grass Farms, Fall River
SatSept 14Ben’s Cycle CX Classic NEW!Nathaniel Greene, St. Francis
SatSept 21Sheboygan County Cycling ClassicEvergreen Park, Sheboygan
SunSept 22Battle of WaterlooFireman’s Park, Waterloo
SatSept 28Badger PrairieBadger Prairie, Verona
SatOct 5Trek CX Cup – (UCI/USCX C2) – Day 1*Trek Factory, Waterloo
SunOct 6Trek CX Cup – (UCI/USCX C1) – Day 2*Trek Factory, Waterloo
SatOct 12Field of RichesRichfield Nature Park, Richfield
SunOct 13SSCXWC* NEW!Madison, WI
SatOct 19Pumpkin CrossLime Kiln Park, Grafton
SunOct 20LAPT Muskego CX NEW!TBA, Muskego
SatOct 26Croix Cross – Midwest Regional Championship† NEW!Grandview Park, Hudson
SunOct 27CrossFireAngell Park, Sun Prairie
SatNov 2Kringle KrossWern Valley, Waukesha
SunNov 3Kern Park KrossKern Park, Milwaukee
SatNov 9Flyover Silver CreekSilver Creek, Manitowoc
SunNov 10Kenosha Velosport CX NEW!TBA, Kenosha
SatNov 16CamRock & RollCamrock County Park, Cambridge
SunNov 17Diablo Sunnyview CrossSunnyview Expo Center, Appleton
SatNov 23Wisconsin State Championship†Trek Factory, Waterloo
*Non-series races included for regional interest. †Series races, but no overall points on offer.

More info

For regular updates, changes to the series calendar, or to register for any race, check out the schedule.

Applications period open: Host a CX race in 2024

The application period to host a cyclocross race for the 2024 WICX Series fall season is now open.

What is this application for?

This event application is part of the formal process to request inclusion in the 2024 WICX Series. Great courses bring great competition, so we expect that all races will be held according to our guidelines* to provide a high standard of quality racing, production, safety and atmosphere.

How do I apply?

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply for consideration with the link below by the end of the day on Friday, March 22, 2024.

Apply to host a cyclocross race

*Note: As we strive to achieve a balance of competitiveness, fairness and inclusion, these guidelines are updated ahead of every season, and are subject to updates and corrections at any time.

2023 Overall Series Winners

Here are your overall winners for the WICX Series for the 2023 season. Thanks to all who attended and made it a stellar year.

Open Elite 1/2/3

  1. Michael Lambert
  2. Gabriel Acab
  3. Jonathan Kloppenburg

Women Elite 1/2

  1. Amber Markey
  2. Jamie Ertl
  3. Grace Anne Ogle

Open Masters 35+ 1/2/3

  1. Brian Bierman
  2. Scott Daubert
  3. Josh Meyer

Women Masters 35+ 1/2/3/4/5

  1. Julie Phelps
  2. Sarah Kelnhofer
  3. April Beard

Open Masters 50+ 1/2/3

  1. Anderson Bortoletto
  2. Brent Rohrs
  3. Peter Cherchian

Open Masters 60+ 1/2/3

  1. Tim Hacker
  2. Michael Daws
  3. John Lichtenberg

Open Elite 3

  1. Connor Polenske
  2. Benjamin Lauer
  3. Andrew Richter

Women Elite 3

  1. Sarah Kelnhofer
  2. Amy Lauer
  3. Heather Chernutt

Open Elite 4

  1. Jack Heier
  2. Mark Rickert
  3. Mark Lepich

Women Elite 4

  1. Heather Heiliger
  2. Whitney Welk
  3. Celine Stichert

Open Elite 5

  1. Thomas Godiska
  2. Jonathan Almendarez
  3. Earl Meyer III

Women Elite 5

  1. Madison Lebeau
  2. Maggie Schauer
  3. Kate Pawasarat

Open Masters 35+ 4/5

  1. Mark Lepich
  2. Tim Jahn
  3. Daniel Joel

Open Masters 50+ 4/5

  1. Kevin Steward
  2. Nathan Phelps
  3. Matthew Terski

Open Masters 60+ 4/5

  1. Kurt Greenslit
  2. Christopher Peske
  3. Richard Catalano

Junior Girls 9 – 14

  1. Anna Pearlman
  2. Stella Hague
  3. Sloan Becker

Junior Girls 15 – 18

  1. Madison Lebeau
  2. Stella Bickham-Okoniewski

Junior Boys 9 – 14

  1. Luke Johnson
  2. Barret Clinkingbeard
  3. Finn Sonnemann

Boys 15 – 18

  1. Marlo Hunter

Women Single Speed 1/2/3

  1. Julie Phelps

Women Single Speed 4/5

  1. Heather Heiliger

Men Single Speed 1/2/3

  1. Alex Sukowaty
  2. Kyle Polich
  3. Mark Harms

Men Single Speed 4/5

  1. Mark Richert
  2. Mark Rude
  3. Nathan Phelps

The 2023 WICX Series Schedule is here

We are pleased announce the upcoming WICX Series 2023 season. We have worked with local teams to bring you 14 more grueling and grassy, hilly and hellish, muddy and mad, and fantastically fun cyclocross races around Wisconsin.

Day Date Race Location
Sat Sep 9 Flyover Silver Creek Silver Creek Park, Manitowoc
Sat Sep 16 Englewood CX Englewood Grass Farms, Fall River
Sun Sep 17 Hill Bill: Volume 3 Rock Sports Complex, Franklin
Sat Sep 23 Sheboygan County Cycling Classic Evergreen Park, Sheboygan
Sun Sep 24 Battle of Waterloo Fireman’s Park, Waterloo
Sat Sep 30 Badger Prairie Cross Badger Prairie, Verona
Sun Oct 1 Field of Riches Richfield Nature Park, Richfield
Sat Oct 7 Sunnyview Cross Sunnyview Expo Center, Oshkosh
Fri – Sun Oct 13-15 Trek CX Cup Trek Factory, Waterloo
Sat Oct 21 Pumpkin Cross Lime Kiln Park, Grafton
Sat Oct 28 CrossFire Angell Park Speedway, Sun Prairie
Sat Nov 4 Kern Park Kross Kern Park, Milwaukee
Sat Nov 11 Camrock & Roll CX Camrock County Park
Sat Nov 18 State Championships p/b Revolution Cycles Trek Factory, Waterloo
TBA TBA Regional Championships Non-series TBA
Tues-Sun Dec 5-10 National Championships Non-series Louisville, KY
TBA TBA World Championship Non-series Tábor, Czech Republic

Those who are veterans of the sport will see a lot of familiar races in a lot of familiar places, but in the same tradition of bringing cyclocross back to Camrock and Sheboygan (last year), we are also bringing cyclocross back to Doyne Park in Milwaukee this year. The last time we posted our team tents up at Doyne was in 2014 and we’re excited to see the fresh possibilities of this dis-used golf course.

Plus, fresh off the Englewood Open XCO mountain bike race this past weekend, it’s also nice to see the return of Englewood CX for a second year.

Sign up to race (Coming soon)

And of course, slotted in the middle of our local series is the Trek CX Cup, which brings world-class racers from across the pond and into our back yard. The CX Cup is not a part of our little series, but we do recommend everyone pretend it is and get out there and race. This year the CX Cup is the lone World Cup race in the United States, so if you want to see your favorite international racers, this will be your only chance.

The WICX Series once again concludes at the Trek headquarters with the Wisconsin State Championship.

New to cyclocross?

Cyclocross is short form bicycle racing that consists of many laps over a winding course of mixed terrain (such as grass, mud, trails, gravel and concrete), and may include features that involve temporarily dismounting and carrying your bicycle to navigate obstacles, like logs, barriers or sand-pits or to run up steep inclines.It mixes multiple athletic endeavors, namely riding and running, with a strong emphasis on skillful bike handling.

Those who are new to cyclocross can jump into any Cat 5 race on any day, with (nearly) any style of bike they please, but we recommend reading up on some of the basic rules and check out our pre-race prep tips to make the most of your experience.

See you in September. #crossiscoming #crossisalwayscoming

NOTE: This schedule, while mostly finalized, may be subject to change by the time the season starts. All the juicy details of each race will be added to the official schedule as they arrive, and when they do you will be able to sign up for each race there as well.

2023 season promoter meeting

We are holding a virtual promoter meeting on Monday, May 22 at 7 PM to discuss and finalize the series schedule for 2023 and answer any questions you may have. If you did not receive an email invitation, please let us know ASAP.

To ensure prompt entry to the meeting, please download and install Microsoft Teams before the day of the event.

Applications now being accepted: Host a CX race in 2023

The application period to host a cyclocross race for the 2023 fall season is now open.

What is this application for?

This event application is part of the formal process to request inclusion in the 2023 Wisconsin CX Series cyclocross season. It is expected that all races will be held to a high standard of quality racing, production, safety and atmosphere. Great courses bring great competition!

Review the current draft of our promoter guidelines.

Note: This draft is subject to change before start of season.

How do I apply?

Think you got what it takes? To apply for consideration, please visit the link below and submit by Friday, March 24.

Note: Submitting this form does not guarantee you will be awarded an event in the series.

Apply to host a cyclocross race.

2022 WICX Series winners

Our allegiant announcer, Paul Warloski of Simple Endurance Coaching has broken down the overall winners of the 2022 WICX Series based on the (arguably more popular) people’s 9-race criteria, but also notes the (definitely more official) winners from the 10-race criteria.

(If you want to know more about that clerical disaster, check over here.)

Warloski also listed his picks for Riders of the Year (unofficial) which celebrate the superlative participants, based on performance and attitude. It ain’t all about the podium.

Check it out.

Is it your Best 9 or Best 10?

Before we get to the final results, it seems a small mistake at the beginning of the season has been perpetuating an error in expectations. Some people were competing with the idea that their 9 best races counted towards the series, while others were competing for 10. This error wasn’t caught until recently, because, until the late series, it didn’t matter.

How did the error come to be?

When the series board put together the official rules we decided to count your best 10 of 14 races, (ultimately 13 with a cancellation, and not counting Trek CX Cup (non-series) or Wisconsin State Champs).

Thus, it was written into the official rules.

However, last year we only had 12 series races (13 with State Champs) so we only counted your best 9. This leads us to the problem; we neglected to update the scoring page on our website, and this error was then duplicated to the fan-favorite number-cruncher, CrossResults, who wrangled the incorrect data.

The error only became noticeable once CrossResults began dropping the 10th race. Once it was brought to our attention, we immediately scrambled to get the updated numbers out on both our scoring page and CrossResults, but by then the damage had been done. Some folks were planning their series based on the most readily available information, while others were fighting for position based on the official rules.

So what do we win?

We debated which number to adhere to—whether officially designated or publicly propagated—and ultimately decided, because the error was on our part, we would honor the two sets of results (at least as far as the Top 3 in each category are concerned).

Thankfully the differences were minimal, with only 3 categories flipping between the Top 2. Beyond that, if there was a change, it was mostly handfuls of points here and there, not in overall positioning.

  • In categories that did not flip, awards will commence as usual.
  • In categories that did flip, both winners will receive a Series Champ jersey and split the first and second-place awards.
  • For those who are upset about this, we have a new volunteer copy-editing position available.

For the rest of us, its full lungs, fast friends and healthy hearts. So with that all tidied up, series standings will be announced soon.

See you at State Champs!

You will need a different number for Trek CX Cup

Though there is a lot that is similar between the WICX Series and Trek CX Cup (the sport, the sponsor, the state) they are actually two separate series, and as a result, you will need to race with a different number that is specific to the Trek CX Cup.

When you arrive on the Trek Factory grounds this weekend, make sure to check in at registration to pick up your CX Cup number, and use that across all three days.

But don’t ditch your WICX Series number just yet. When the series resumes in the following week, you will also resume using your 2022 WICX Series numbers.