Race promoters: Register your race

In order to officially list your race into the Wisconsin Cyclocross Series, you need to get a permit, set up registration, and add your information to our series website. This means submitting your race information to 3 different places:

  1. Get a permit through USA Cycling (at least 2 months before your event)
  2. Set up registration via BikeReg so participants can register
  3. Add your race to Wisconsin Cyclocross Series website

Unfortunately there is a little bit of a chicken-and-egg situation where you need a USA Cycling permit number for BikeReg and a BikeReg URL for USA Cycling.

Thus, the best approach is to:

  1. Set up your event on BikeReg to reserve your URL (ignore the sanctioning body permit number for now)
  2. Once your event is saved at your URL is reserved, apply for your USA Cycling permit. It may take up to 72 hours to get your permit number.
  3. Once you receive your permit, you can add it to your BikeReg event.

For early season races, this process should be started ASAP.

Setting up registration via BikeReg

For the sake of series consistency, please maintain patterns established below.

Event Registration Closed Notes:

“Pre-reg is now closed, but you can still race on the day. Bring $45 (cash or check) and arrive at least an hour before your selected category’s start time. More information on how to prep for your race can be found here: https://wicxseries.com/pre-race-prep/”

Public Display Date
8/1/2021 (or earlier)

Registration limit:
1500 people total, 100/race.

Participatants CAN change their category.
Participants CANNOT transfer registrations.

Adding Event Categories

Event Categories will have to be added manually by each promoter. For consistency’s sake, please use a similar name format:
Category – Gender – Age

Race cost:
Base: $25
Junior: $10
Cat 1/2 – Women – All Ages: $30
Cat 1/2/3 – Open/Men – All Ages: $30

Registration closes:
The Wednesday before your race at 11:59pm

Base: Merch/3
Cat 1/2 – Women – All Ages: $75/$50/$25 (minimum)
Cat 1/2/3 – Open/Men – All Ages: $75/$50/$25 (minimum)

Permitting via USA Cycling

You’ll need to re-submit most of this information to USA Cycling, as well as provide additional information, such as an event flyer. The base cost to permit a race is $100.

Timing/results company:

What is your maximum payout for one category at your event?
The minimum is $150 ($75 + $50 +$25) but this may be different for your event.

Who will handle registration, Collection of signed Waivers and license verification?
Wisconsin Cycling Association via BikeReg

Submitting to wicxseries.com

You will also need to submit your event wicxseries@gmail.com to the Wisconsin Cyclocross Series website. All submitted races will appear on the schedule page. You can use the following URL in BikeReg if you like:

  • https://wicxseries.com/event/cross-shooshko/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/lapt-lion-cross/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/flyover-silver-creek/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/sun-prairie-cup/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/battle-of-waterloo-cx/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/badger-prairie-cross/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/hill-bill/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/pumpkin-cross/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/crossfire/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/estabrook-beer-garden/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/diablos-cx/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/team-wi-cx/
  • https://wicxseries.com/event/wi-states/

You may ask to change your URL to something different, if you desire.

Please provide:

  • A description of features, sponsors, and offerings for your event.
  • Provide an event banner (List View) (1200px x 500px)
  • Provide an event icon (Grid View) (500px x 500px)
  • Promoter info, such as organizer name, logo, website and important social handles.